1180.21 – Missing Dollar

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Three Hollywood talent scouts were in town to watch the spring play production at Elyria high school. After the show they went to the Parma Gianna Pizza Palace and ordered three $10 pizzas for a total of $30. Ten minutes later, Mike the cashier approached them and said there was a special on pizzas that day — buy two, get one half price — so they only owed $25. He gave them back the extra $5 they had paid. Not knowing how to split the $5 three ways evenly, the scouts gave Mike $2 as a reward for his honesty and kept $1 apiece for themselves. This means that each man paid $9 for his pizza, or $27 for the three pizzas. Mike got $2, making $29. What happened to the other dollar?


There isn't any "other dollar." Each man paid $9, or $27 total. This is still $2 too much, which is the $2 Mike got. The point is to think $27 - $2 is $25, the cost of the meal.