1490.31 – Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

Tags:Problem Set 5Algebra/TrigonometryArithmetic: Q & R

On Earth Day, in the village square, Emily had 3030 tie-dyed t-shirts to sell (@ 3 for $25.00). Liz had 3030 slightly fancier t-shirts (@ 2 for $25.00). Emily was sick at the last minute and asked Liz to sell her shirts for her. Liz found the difference in price hard to keep track of and decided to combine everything, and sell all the shirts, with the price set at 55 for $50.00.

Everything sold out, and Liz dropped off Emily's $250. To her surprise, instead of the $375 she expected would be left for herself, she had only $350.

What happened to the other $25.00?


Under Liz's system, Emily's shirts brought in \50more,butLizsbroughtinmore, but Liz's brought in$75$ less. See the figure!