2440.51 – Race to the Bus

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Dino, Kyle, and Nina race the 100 meters to the school bus each day. It develops that Dino and Kyle will reach the bus together if Dino is given a head start of 20 meters. Kyle and Nina will arrive together if Kyle is given a head start of 25 meters. If Dino and Nancy want to arrive at the bus at the same time, who should start where?


Let D, K, and N be Dino's, Kyle's, and Nancy's rates of speed.

Dino runs 80m when Kyle runs 100m, so D = (4/5)K.

Nina runs 100m when Kyle runs 75m, so K = (3/4)N.

So D = (4/5)(3/4)N = (3/5)N.

This means that when Nancy runs 100m, Dino runs 60m.

So give Dino a 40m head start.