Here's a basic chart showing what's where in this long list of problems. There are two fully detailed lists in the User Guide:  SDS Topics in Alphabetical Order and SDS Topics in Numerical Order.

TopicStella Number
Visual Problems1000 – 1170
Logical Deduction1180 – 1290, 3750
Arithmetic1300 – 2022
Symbol Manipulation2030 – 2390, 2745, 4100
Algebra Problems2400 – 2500
Analytic Geometry2750 – 2840, 3680 – 3723
Informal Geometry3000 – 3080
Euclidean Geometry3100 – 3650, 3750 – 3850
Trigonometry4000 – 4340
Probability4400 – 4420

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Stella NumberProblem Title
1000.46Line Fragments no. 2
1000.47Line Fragments no. 3
1000.92Students Change Seats
1020.15A Triangle with Given Midpoints
1090.36Cube View 3
1090.74How Big is This Cube?
1170.21Money Bag
1180.45Biology Lesson
1260.02Handshakes (n)
1260.21Handshakes; Fly on the Wall
1270.13Globs and Glitches
1322.11Giant Powers of 3
1460.21Target Products
1550.43A Horse and a Mule Converse
1560.11Picka Numba
1650.21Dorothy and the Eggs
2230.51Jessamine Bush
2230.63Almost Equal Roots
2260.21A Fourth Degree Equation
2288.11A Symmetric Equation
2440.52Wilbur's Boat Trip
2440.75Around the Reservoir
2460.81An Unlikely Coincidence
2470.21The Barbell Exchange
2510.31The Add-One-Subtract-One Operation
2580.22If . . . Then . . .
2850.49Continue the Sequence
3155.41A Mystery Angle
3155.51A Narrow Sinister Alley
3155.61Triangle Cleverness
3320.21A Square Inside a Circle Inside a Square
3850.14Where Are The Crumbs?
4200.21A New Volcano