Here's a basic chart showing what's where in this long list of problems. There are two fully detailed lists in the User Guide:  SDS Topics in Alphabetical Order and SDS Topics in Numerical Order.

TopicStella Number
Visual Problems1000 – 1170
Logical Deduction1180 – 1290, 3750
Arithmetic1300 – 2022
Symbol Manipulation2030 – 2390, 2745, 4100
Algebra Problems2400 – 2500
Analytic Geometry2750 – 2840, 3680 – 3723
Informal Geometry3000 – 3080
Euclidean Geometry3100 – 3650, 3750 – 3850
Trigonometry4000 – 4340
Probability4400 – 4420

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Stella NumberProblem Title
1027.12Partition This Shape no. 2
1027.14Partition This Shape no. 4
1030.12Sixteen Dots
1030.21Utility Lines
1060.21Toothpick Triangles
1090.94The L-shaped Block
1170.24Dimes and Pennies
1190.32The Phone Booth
1230.54Students and Cars
1307.12Four Consecutive Integers
1331.14Difference of Squares
1332.11Whole Number Radicals
1550.23Batting Average no. 1
1550.28Swerve's Bikes and Skateboards
1600.13A Prime Number
1720.51Maximum Product
2070.43Big and Little Cubes
2120.11Messy Numerical Expression
2122.14Divisibility by 16
2122.15Pairs of Integers
2290.11The Dutch Miller
2315.11Equations with No Solution
2452.33Batting Average no. 2
2730.39Complicated Log Equation
2788.21Circle through (1989,y)
3420.27Triangle Area
3420.43Regular Triangle, Regular Hexagon
3420.73Crazy Baseball Diamond
3650.14Tennis Balls
3750.61Pickled Walnuts
3750.73Mongoes, Booms, and Flems
4100.11Compound Fraction: Trig
4100.21Find a Sine