Here's a basic chart showing what's where in this long list of problems. There are two fully detailed lists in the User Guide:  SDS Topics in Alphabetical Order and SDS Topics in Numerical Order.

TopicStella Number
Visual Problems1000 – 1170
Logical Deduction1180 – 1290, 3750
Arithmetic1300 – 2022
Symbol Manipulation2030 – 2390, 2745, 4100
Algebra Problems2400 – 2500
Analytic Geometry2750 – 2840, 3680 – 3723
Informal Geometry3000 – 3080
Euclidean Geometry3100 – 3650, 3750 – 3850
Trigonometry4000 – 4340
Probability4400 – 4420

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Stella NumberProblem Title
1000.23Floor Tile Reflection no. 3
1000.56Yearbooks Meet Bookworm
1000.92Students Change Seats
1010.42More Sequences of Squares
1020.44Dividing the Yin and the Yang
1040.31Moving a Circle
1050.61The Rolling Penny
1070.23State a Theorem
1090.25Bohemian Chain Mail
1090.26Equitable Cake Cutting
1090.31Mixed Sticks
1090.51Stark, Raving Bonkers
1090.72Cube, Orange, Made and Unmade
1090.91The Pierced Cube
1090.93The Six-Cubed Thing
1090.94The L-shaped Block
1180.21Missing Dollar
1180.36Restaurant Staff Puzzle
1190.34Kant's Clock
1190.52Day Before Yesterday
1210.21Cheerleader Tryout
1230.33Four Athletes
1230.36Tennis-Playing Family
1230.61Amy, Brenda, Christa, Dana
1240.12Four Men, Two Boys, and a Boat
1270.13Globs and Glitches
1365.11Decimals On Screen
1490.12The Number One First Class Happy Bank
1510.52Totem Pole
1540.35Apples on a Hike
1540.37Celeste in Obieland
1550.36Splitting up Eighty-Eight
1680.11Factorial Perfect Squares?
1730.31Counter-Factual Theory
2050.21Four Fours: One to Twenty
2050.22Four 4’s: 21 – 40
2070.12Formula for Apple Fritters
2110.34Three Numbers
2122.11Factoring a Cubic
2122.14Divisibility by 16
2200.21An Equation with Fractions
2210.41Distance on the Number Line
2230.11DON'T GUESS!
2230.63Almost Equal Roots
2230.81Cathy the Cat Burglar
2250.11A Nice Rational Equation
2260.31Outrageous Cube Root
2260.41Two Cubes
2410.12Spend or Save?
2410.23Igor's Foul Shots
2410.33Battling Percentages
2420.21Horses and Oats
2420.31Watering Your Venus Flytrap
2420.51Glenice Burns her Candles
2420.62Brick Wall
2430.11Three Valves
2440.21Duckburg to Possumtown
2440.52Wilbur's Boat Trip
2440.62Bike Ride to Oberlin
2440.71Uther and Eethyl
2440.74Fly Between Trains
2440.75Around the Reservoir
2440.77Barnabas and the Overpass
2440.79There's a Train in that Tunnel
2452.12Doctors and Lawyers Play Dodgeball
2452.33Batting Average no. 2
2454.11How Mean?
2465.11The Luxury Yacht Gemini
2465.21Stephanie and Bonnie's Ages
2465.99The Rope
2470.52Teapot Trade
2544.11Function as Average
2580.11Big f(x), Find f(6)
2580.51A Hard Functional Equation
2580.61Sequence Formula
2615.11A Mystery Function
2660.11Imaginary Roots
2680.11Cubic to Quadratic to Linear
2702.11Add'Em Up
2720.11Minimizing the Sum of Distances
2730.32Nothing but Logs
2730.33Love Those Logarithms
2730.39Complicated Log Equation
2740.11Relating Two Logs
2740.38Find k (logarithms)
2761.13A Tantalizing Trapezoid
2770.51Moving Line
2784.11Big Stone Arch
2850.48Continue the Sequences
2850.49Continue the Sequence
2850.611, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2 . . .
2860.11Integer Sum of Unknown Length!
2860.41Fraction Pattern
2860.61Arithmetic Sequence I
2870.21A Mixed Geometric and Arithmetic Sequence
2890.11Fibonacci Numbers Mod 11
3080.31Seventeen Opinionated People
3155.21Jasmine and Biscuit
3155.51A Narrow Sinister Alley
3305.11Diagonals of Two Regular Polygons
3310.11Sum of Interior Angles
3340.12Trapezoid Angle Measure
3360.22City Hall Tile Floor
3410.32Squares Make An Octagon
3415.11The Square Community Garden
3420.43Regular Triangle, Regular Hexagon
3440.43Fencing Inside a Circular Field
3440.62Area of an Axe Head
3470.21Distance in flight
3470.51A Triangle in a Circle
3470.61Barber Pole
3500.31Circle Around Three Squares
3500.63Four Tangent Circles
3550.24Put Your Hands Together
3550.44Walking the Equator
3650.15Pouring Water
3650.23Big Rectangular Solid
3650.41Pouring Between Glasses
3680.21Grasshopper Jump
3721.11Symmetric Lines
3750.72Subsistence Allowance
3750.73Mongoes, Booms, and Flems
3850.11Rhombi, Locus of Vertex
3850.12The Caged Triangle
4040.11When Does sin(x) = x/100?
4050.11Angles in a Special Triangle
4100.11Compound Fraction: Trig
4100.22Cosine of Three
4140.11Find the Circumference
4200.21A New Volcano
4200.23The Yacht Gemini on the Hudson
4200.24Rocket Launch
4200.25Sighting an Airplane
4200.27The Top of the Turbine
4220.11View to the Horizon
4220.21Circumnavigating the Earth by Plane
4400.11Knowing the Shot