Here's a basic chart showing what's where in this long list of problems. There are two fully detailed lists in the User Guide:  SDS Topics in Alphabetical Order and SDS Topics in Numerical Order.

TopicStella Number
Visual Problems1000 – 1170
Logical Deduction1180 – 1290, 3750
Arithmetic1300 – 2022
Symbol Manipulation2030 – 2390, 2745, 4100
Algebra Problems2400 – 2500
Analytic Geometry2750 – 2840, 3680 – 3723
Informal Geometry3000 – 3080
Euclidean Geometry3100 – 3650, 3750 – 3850
Trigonometry4000 – 4340
Probability4400 – 4420

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Stella NumberProblem Title
1000.11Three Shapes, Three Numbers
1000.12Looping Paths
1000.15Telling Time Backwards, Part I
1000.16Telling Time Backwards, Part II
1000.21Floor Tile Reflection no. 1
1000.22Floor Tile Reflection no. 2
1000.23Floor Tile Reflection no. 3
1000.26Nasty Page Fold
1000.31Tents Among Four Trees
1000.41Non-Intersecting Paths on Grid
1000.45Line Fragments no. 1
1000.46Line Fragments no. 2
1000.47Line Fragments no. 3
1000.53Stella's Fishpond
1000.54Swapping Places
1000.55Novice Bagpipers
1000.56Yearbooks Meet Bookworm
1000.57A Line of Men
1000.61Poison Pills
1000.65An Alphabet Line
1000.66Alphabet Line
1000.72Clock Hands, Purple Flashes
1000.75Scott the Painter
1000.81Continue the Pattern
1000.82Acropolis Pattern
1000.91Chessboard Dominoes
1000.92Students Change Seats
1000.93The Eight Queens Puzzle
1000.94Take a Walk on a Checkerboard
1007.11The Impossible Path
1007.21Trace This Network
1007.22Continuous Line Drawing
1009.11Triangle Count
1009.21Squares on a Checkerboard
1009.31Counting Squares
1009.41Squares on a Lattice
1010.41Sequences of Squares
1010.42More Sequences of Squares
1020.12Covered Shapes
1020.44Dividing the Yin and the Yang
1027.11Partition This Shape no. 1
1027.12Partition This Shape no. 2
1027.13Partition This Shape no. 3
1027.14Partition This Shape no. 4
1027.15Partition This Shape no. 5
1027.23Partition This Shape no. 13
1027.24Partition This Shape no. 14
1027.25Partition This Shape no. 15
1027.26Partition This Shape no. 16
1027.27Partition This Shape no. 17
1027.28Partition This Shape no. 18
1027.31Partition This Shape no. 21
1027.32Partition This Shape no. 22
1027.33Partition This Shape no. 23
1027.42Siamese Fighting Fish
1027.44Congruent Gardens
1030.11Nine Dots
1030.12Sixteen Dots
1030.21Utility Lines
1040.11Ten Peach Trees
1040.21The Wigglesworth Apple Trees
1040.31Moving a Circle
1050.11Penny Triangle
1050.61The Rolling Penny
1060.11Disappearing Toothpick Squares
1060.21Toothpick Triangles
1060.41Moving Toothpicks
1070.13The Snail in the Well
1070.14Beetle and Rock
1070.15Pirate Queen Harriet
1070.16Woodie Lott
1070.19Watson's Purchase
1070.21Grandfather Clock Strikes
1070.31You'll Never Guess
1079.12Weedsport Clothing Boutique
1079.41Word Triangle Arithmetic
1090.21Labeled Cube Views
1090.22Cube Frames
1090.24Looped Rings
1090.25Bohemian Chain Mail
1090.26Equitable Cake Cutting
1090.31Mixed Sticks
1090.33Cube Patterns
1090.35Cube View 2
1090.36Cube View 3
1090.37Cube Identification
1090.41Cutting a Rectangle
1090.42Six Toothpicks
1090.53Two Views, One Object
1090.61A Pile of Cubes
1090.71Twenty-Seven Little Cubes
1090.72Cube, Orange, Made and Unmade
1090.74How Big is This Cube?
1090.75Fly on the Cube
1090.93The Six-Cubed Thing
1090.94The L-shaped Block
1095.11What Lies Opposite?
1095.12The Checker-Boarded Face
1100.11The Old Wooden Disc
1110.11Numbers in Circles
1110.22Around the Corners
1110.43A Fancy 8-Digit Number
1120.11Crossnumber Puzzle no. 1
1180.46Bike to the Beach
1180.84Mixing Wine and Water
1190.53No Weather
1310.25Super Venn Diagram
2100.32Sums of Odd Numbers
2290.41Wine and Punch Bowls
2440.14Trains DC-NYC
2850.49Continue the Sequence
3050.11Fireman on the Ladder
3060.61People In Groups
3360.22City Hall Tile Floor
3420.12Two Squares
3440.61Design for a Pendant
3440.62Area of an Axe Head
3500.11Segment in a Circle
3500.63Four Tangent Circles
3850.14Where Are The Crumbs?