Here's a basic chart showing what's where in this long list of problems. There are two fully detailed lists in the User Guide:  SDS Topics in Alphabetical Order and SDS Topics in Numerical Order.

TopicStella Number
Visual Problems1000 – 1170
Logical Deduction1180 – 1290, 3750
Arithmetic1300 – 2022
Symbol Manipulation2030 – 2390, 2745, 4100
Algebra Problems2400 – 2500
Analytic Geometry2750 – 2840, 3680 – 3723
Informal Geometry3000 – 3080
Euclidean Geometry3100 – 3650, 3750 – 3850
Trigonometry4000 – 4340
Probability4400 – 4420

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Stella NumberProblem Title
1000.12Looping Paths
1000.31Tents Among Four Trees
1027.11Partition This Shape no. 1
1070.19Watson's Purchase
1070.33Snails and Details
1090.31Mixed Sticks
1100.51Agatha the Cow
1170.42Can't Change a Dollar Bill
1170.94Total Tree Growth
1180.32Commute to Possum City
1180.35Flutists and Violinists
1180.43Gleepers & Blahmies
1190.52Day Before Yesterday
1320.11The Number of Digits in a Product
1540.37Celeste in Obieland
1540.41Brine Tank
1540.51Electric Bill Printing
1540.61Tape Sale
1550.26Brick on a 2-Pan Scale
2070.21Mrs. McGillicuddy's Age
2140.71Beakers, Ratio of Acid to Water
2150.21Reciprocal Symmetry
2230.81Cathy the Cat Burglar
2310.31Intersecting Lines
2420.62Brick Wall
2440.13Driving to Nirvana
2600.12Postage Function, Using [ ]
2680.11Cubic to Quadratic to Linear
2761.12Collinear Vertices of Squares
3070.12A Supplement/Complement Conjecture
3850.11Rhombi, Locus of Vertex
3850.12The Caged Triangle