Creating a Custom Problem Set

In the Getting Started Quickly guide, we showed how to easily filter by both a problem set and a course, load the problems into the Document Creator, and then download those problems in a PDF.

The eighteen suggested sets of problems are intended to help you easily provide your students with problems. Each such problem set contains subsets for each of the five imagined courses. Each subset contains 5 to 8 problems. (Thus, each of the eighteen problem sets contains roughly thirty-five problems.)

However, if you wish to edit the set before creating a PDF, you may do the following:

To add a problem, you need to know its Stella number. The Document Creator will remember the problems currently in your "cart", so to speak, but we still recommend opening a separate tab. Once you identify the Stella number of your desired problem, simply enter it into the labeled box in the Document Creator and click "Add Problem". (Adding problems to your document from the problem's own webpage is a forthcoming feature.)

To delete a problem, click the "Remove" button on the row of the undesired problem. You may also remove all problems from the document with the "Remove All" button.

Note that you may not duplicate problems in the same problem set. Additionally, there is a cap on the number of problems allowed in a document. (The current limit is 40, so that you might print out each of the eighteen problem sets in full, if you like). Finally, you may not freely reorder problems in the Document Creator. (This is also a forthcoming feature.)